Tips For Betting On Live Football

Betting on football (or soccer for you Americans) is one of the biggest sports betting categories of all. Football is one of the most popular sports where you will find huge bets, but betting when you don't know if a team is ready or not can be a headache for sports bettors. Have you ever thought about betting live in play at a bookmaker to ease that headache?

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In today's article we will take a look at live football betting, how it can be used, why you should use it and also 7 tips that will make you a pro at live football betting. Let's get straight to these football betting tips!

What is live football betting?

We all know that football betting is simply betting on a 90-minute football match. There are several betting lines that you can place and in most cases in football there is one of the biggest betting lines where you can choose whether a certain player will get a yellow card in a certain minute, on a certain part of the field. These are all great betting lines that you can choose from.

However, live football betting is where you place the best outcomes during the game. This can be from the 1st to the 90th minute of a football match. Live football betting is designed to help punters like you understand the game or try to recoup losses if your pre-match bet loses dramatically.

Live football betting is simply where you can bet on a football match as it is being played. It should be noted that all bookmakers have a blackout period. This means that if a team scores and you are watching the game in person, someone else will also be watching, which will prevent you from placing a bet to gain an advantage over the bookmaker. You may also notice a slight delay when you place your bets, usually around 3 seconds, to ensure that your bet doesn't win or lose instantly.

Why is it worth betting during Live Football?

Betting on live football is one of the best ways to keep track of your team's progress while keeping the odds in your favour. In most cases, if you bet on a side that is almost guaranteed to win, but lose 1-0 in the first minute, the odds will fluctuate a lot, giving you a chance to benefit and bet on the same team with great results.

Alternatively, if you see that a team is really not doing well (through live streaming or the play-by-play features you see on sites like Bet365 or SkyBet), you can also take advantage of this by betting against the worse team. If you are interested in this then you can find out more about Online Betting In Bangladesh.

5 tips for betting on live football

1. Monitor the odds

Live betting odds change very frequently. While football may stay in place for a short period of time, in other sports that offer live betting such as ping pong or baseball the odds can change as quickly as every second. This means that if you are tracking the odds and there is a difference of 5 between 1 point scored, for example, then abuse this to make sure it will be to your advantage and not in sports betting.

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2. Know the best live football betting strategy

Knowing when to place your bets and saving your bets for later bets in live football betting is a tough game. In most cases, you can place live bets, but if you start losing them, make sure you are not stupid and stop betting to try to recoup your losses. For example, if you place a live bet that a goal will be scored in the second half but it is the 85th minute and no goals are scored, do not bet on the goals. Although it is a bit smart as you can definitely win something, you can lose more than you think and make the game less interesting and less profitable for you. Don't put too much effort into live odds. You can get funding using online loans for your next bets.

3. Live analysis (preferably video!)

Analyzing the game you are betting on can be very helpful when it comes to sports betting. Not only will it give you more involvement and more sense, but if you are able to follow the game with the statistics game by game in the bookmaker or even better with the live stream (some sports bookmakers offer this directly on their app/website), so it can give you a huge advantage, especially if you know a lot about football and the players.

If you see that your favourite team is doing badly or the outsiders are doing very well, then why not bet on them with higher odds. Remember that casinos and bookmakers only use odds derived from automated analysis of each game, which can give you a huge advantage if you know what you are looking at.

4. Hedging pre-match bets

There is no doubt that hedging pre-match bets (for example, on absolute winners from the start) can help your game a lot. These pre-match bets can save you from losing everything, so if you think one team will win or if so many goals will be scored, hedge it with pre-match odds and if they change you can place live bets in the game.

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5. Use multiple bookmakers or casinos

Casinos and sportsbooks use different odds providers. These providers are responsible for generating the odds you bet on. This means that more casinos and bookmakers are likely to offer better odds than others. In this case, you can actually abuse this and use the odds to your advantage, for example if one casino offers 2.1 odds on a goal to be scored in the second half and another bookmaker offers 2.2 on no goal, if you bet £5 on each - you are guaranteed to make a small profit.

Using this method is a great way to make a small profit, but it doesn't happen very often and it's often hard to find, but it also helps you make smarter decisions depending on what the casino is offering as good odds and what sports betting odds are not.


All in all, betting on live football matches is one of the best ways to feel more involved and give yourself a better chance of making money from live betting. We hope that this guide has helped you understand what live football betting is and how you can get an edge by betting through a live sports betting company. Be sure to check out the list of sportsbooks that offer this type of betting to improve your odds today!